Scuba diving Bali is another world altogether. Plunge into Bali underwater kingdom and discover the hidden gem beneath the waves. Take your breath, you are about to enter the fascinating world of blue.

The underwater of Bali offers an incredible variety of dive experience. Take a tour to the sunken USAT Liberty, now a little town of coral and fishes, down 20m from the surface. See the offbeat muck diving. Take the liberty of adrenaline-infused drift diving. Experience the diverse charms of Bali diving pristine sites with the best dive center Bali, Dune Atlantis International Bali.




Dune Atlantis International Bali is a 5 Star PADI Certified IDC (Instructor Development Center) dive center Bali. Since 1996, our Sanur-based office has been welcoming worldwide divers who want to have a taste of underwater Bali. For more than 20 years, we have been a trusty and friendly diving buddy for divers of many nationalities. Our scuba diving Bali instructors can speak four languages! You can choose which from English, French, Chinese, or Indonesian that feels most comfortable to you.

Never put on a scuba gear before? Don’t worry, our dive center Bali cater to nearly all levels of PADI courses, from first-timer diver (Try Diving) up to PADI OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor). That means certified divers can seek further training with us, too. No matter your level of confidence or previous experience is, we are ready to help. Our reputation as one of the best dive center Bali will assure you that you will enjoy scuba dive in Bali with a high quality of service no matter the experience level. We offer a variety of options for diver training and small groups to guarantee our maximum attention and a better customer service.

The sea is our playfield. We are happy to take you to popular Bali diving spots as well as the hidden one. And in the meantime when we are not submerging under the water, we will introduce you to the untapped surrounding area, friendly locals, and eat authentic Balinese cuisine. We will be your driver, your chatting companion, and of course, your dependable scuba diving Bali buddy.



Bali is known the world over the palm-lined beaches and a tropical haven for holidaymakers. Yet the fun doesn't stop as the shore ends—it just begins where the ocean starts. Hold your breath and submerge under the gleaming blue sea. Watch as the seabed explode with colors and rich marine life. The ocean is alive with vibrant corals stand proudly as shimmering rays of lights fall slenderly into the bumpy reefs and sandy grounds. Schools of tropical fishes roam around the crystal clear water with their own business, presents a dynamic and endless amusement. Dive dwell deeper into the charm of scuba diving Bali and forget the hustle and bustle of the world above.

Bali is yet another paradise for underwater safaris in the Indonesian archipelago as the diversity of marine life encountered around the island is exceptionally rich. Located in the heart of coral triangle, the majority of Bali diving sites are blooming with more than 700 species of corals and 3000 species of fishes.

This is one kind of an adventure scuba diving Bali that will keep giving. You will have vibrant sponges and a great array of corals greets you, clinging to the rocky atolls and swirling lazily as the current moves. On top of that, schools of tropical fishes roam around the crystal clear water with their own business, presents a dynamic and endless amusement. Move closer to the sea floor, and you will see bright-colored nudibranchs and other fantastic sea critters creep between the healthy corals.

The island is blessed with warm waters, unique geography, and strong currents in some part of the island providing rich nutrients for the marine life to bloom. To our excitement, ocean big stars such as Manta rays, turtles, and mola mola think that this is a happy place to live!

Bali is yet another paradise for underwater safaris in Indonesian archipelago and each dive site has something unique to offer. Scuba diving in Bali Indonesia is a great opportunity to experience the rare!

  • ● Swim with Manta rays
  • ● Encounter Mola Mola (Sunfish)
  • ● Cross paths with sharks and turtles
  • ● Search for the tiniest of creatures; the world of macro diving


Dune Atlantis International Bali knows that our diving preference is as diverse as the marine life itself. That’s why we have prepared interesting diving packages that will instantly steal your heart in very affordable Bali diving prices. Every penny is worth the splurge…

Try diving day trip: Try out diving on a world-renowned dive site in Tulamben. (1 pool session, 2 ocean dives)

Daily Diving Trips for Certified Divers on any of the scuba Bali diving sites: Tulamben (USAT Liberty Wreck), Nusa Penida (Crystal Bay and Manta Point), Padang Bay, Gilis, Amed, Menjangan

Dive Safari Trips around the whole island, not only to discover the most interesting places underwater but also on the land!

Themed Dives for your Bali diving holiday: Wreck diving, deep diving, Nitrox, boat diving, navigation dives, underwater photography, night diving, naturalist dive, etc

Dive Training taught by certified our dive center Bali instructors, PADI Certified, in English, French, Chinese, and Indonesian languages. All the learning material is available in the above languages (please inform us at the time of booking in which language you would like to receive your Bali Indonesia diving course material.

A FREE transport service to and from your hotel (early in the morning if you are staying in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Denpasar – Surcharge applicable for other locations). If you need to make a visit to our dive center Bali office, just tell us! We also offer personalized recommendations and reservations for hotel and lodging, according to your budget.

  • For your comfort and your safety, our scuba diving Bali price has included:
  • ● Emergency oxygen kit on every dive site location
  • ● Our experienced Instructors and Guides know thoroughly all the dive sites
  • ● Our Aqualung and Beuchat dive equipment is serviced and replaced regularly Land-based Safari Trips in the air-conditioned Dune Atlantis International Bali bus to introduce you to the authentic and traditional Bali.

In Dune Atlantis Bali International, our price range from as low as Rp 850K to Rp 7.880K, depend on your needs, level, or location. Our divers’ favorite, the Daily Diving Trips, only cost around Rp 1.720K and when you don't need to pay anything more for meal and accommodations, it’s totally a good deal! Find your interest and check the complete packages prices here.



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