A New PADI Graduated Dive Master, Goldhirsh | Atlantis Bali Diving

Introducing A New PADI Graduated Dive Master, Goldhirsh From Webster, Texas USA

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Table of Contents

Michael always had an affinity to water and nature’s beauty : he went diving for the first time in Cold water – quarry in Pennsylvania.

He found Bali is a scuba paradise destination.  He stayed for a month during PADI Dive Master Training and He thought should have planned for longer. He loved the genuineness of the Balinese people, dive shop folk from many locations,  food, scooter experience, touring culture/nature, bars, and buddy’s made along the way.  For him, Bali is perfect rolling waves crashing against the beach, sand under his feet, and a nice evening breeze.

After looking at two places in Bali for DM certification, He went with Atlantis International Bali.  He found out that Atlantis International Bali is responsive within 24 hours, informative, helpful, and super friendly.

During DM training with Atlantis, he learnt knowledge from dive masters, instructors, and equipment staffs. Upon receiving DM certification, he confident to have the basis to play or work as a professional diver.

His next plan is to enjoy the holidays this time and perhaps next year soak up some DM experience and decide on being an instructor.

His dream is to enjoy every day to the fullest !