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Artificial Reefs In Bali

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Table of Contents

Artificial reefs in Bali

What is it ?

We can define it by a structure voluntarily immersed by man to create suitable habitat for sea life.

What’s the use of that ?

Since a long time, Human action on our oceans raise a major concern for our planet. Pollution, overfishing but also burning of fossil fuels lead to real climate disasters as well as physical disasters on oceans : Increasing of water’s temperature, sea biodiversity loss and physical pollution are the sad results of the Human impact on our environment.

To fight it, artificial reefs are used to create, protect or restore an ecosystem. The aim being to reintroduce livable space for fishes and corals and to promote the biodiversity.

Where can I find artificial reefs in Bali ?

Bali is full of them, but one of the most imposing can be found at the North East of the island: Tulamben. Although this artificial reef wasn’t voluntarily integrated, the USAT Liberty wreck became and remained a mythic place for all the diving lovers. This american cargo ship, torpedo in 1942 by the japanese navy, hosts an exceptional sea biodiversity, thus allowing to combine marine conservation and viewing pleasure.
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You will also be impressed by the amount of statues, recently immersed by the residents, already colonized by a huge number of species. One of the most famous remains the one of Pemuteran, at the North-West of Bali, you may explore during a dive in this area.

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