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Balinese People Get More And More Involved In The Environmental Protection

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In 2018, 66 million tons of waste were produced in Indonesia. In some beaches, it’s sad to see that we have to look for clean patches of sand free of plastic bottles, straws, or any other trash… 

But some measures are starting to change this situation. In Bali, single-used plastic is banned since July and more and more local people are getting involved in beach clean up. Their habits are slowly evolving: Balinese answer to the trash problematic by volunteering during beach cleaning session, organized by associations such as Bye bye Plastic bags or Trash Hero. Educating children to preserve the environment is also an important challenge!

If you are going shopping in Bintang Supermarket in Ubud, you will find fruits and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves instead of plastic packaging. This good initiative is inspiring local people to do the same in their warungs and local markets. 

The government hopes to achieve a decrease of 70% in plastic waste within a year. This goal will only be achieved if everyone, Indonesian and foreigners, try to reduce their plastic consumption! If you want to support a « Greener Bali », join us to protect the environment and have a look at : https://www.balidiveaction.com/go-eco