Beach and ocean clean up in Sanur | Atlantis Bali Diving


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When we think of Bali, we imagine wonderful white sand beaches and crystal clear water. What we expect is not always the reality : sometimes beach are covered by rubbish littering. This will be even more true after New Year’s Eve. Indeed, the end-of-year celebrations attract many tourists and locals to the beaches, who do not necessarily respect the environment. In addition, the rainy season will start and will bring a lot of trash into the oceans. We nickname it “trash season”: litters are carried away by currents and winds, covering beaches of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak …

Two weeks ago, some of our members did a reef clean up with the French TV channel M6. They were very glad to find ‘only” 4 pieces of plastic!

On November 18, we organized a beach clean-up in Sanur to collect trash, mostly plastic. We found a lot of bottles, packaging, shoes, straws, plastic bags … Our divers also carried out an ocean clean-up in an attempt to clean the oceans. A total of 21 kilos have been collected and will be recycled by Eco Bali.

In Bali, single-use plastic is prohibited: shops no longer give plastic bags, restaurants use bamboo or metal straws… This is a first step but many remain to be done, especially in terms of garbage management.

Thank you to our participants, Dune Atlantis members and our Dive Master candidates. Thanks to Karl for organizing this event. Join us for the next beach cleanup!