1. Promo Tulamben Diving Package


promo diving tulamben package


Tulamben became famous due to the Liberty Shipwreck. The wreck is resting between 5 and 30 meters deep and has a length of 120 meters! The wreck became the home to all kind marine life such as: Turtles, Manta Rays, parrotfish, Barracuda’s and many more.  

Price: 120 USD   Book Now:  108 USD!

2.  Promo Nusa Penida Diving Package


promo diving nusa penida package


Nusa Penida, Dive into crystal clear blue waters to explore the incredible coral reefs surrounding the island of Nusa Penida. Home of the famous Manta Rays, untouched corals reefs, turtles and more. During the Mola Mola season you there are many Mola Mola’s in this particular site. During this amazing dive you will be guided by on of our, English, French, Chinese or Indonesian speaking certified instructors. 

Price: 165 USD   Book Now: 149 USD!

3.  Promo Padang Bai Diving Package


promo padang bai diving package


Padang Bai is located on the East coast of Bali, about one hour from Sanur (Denpasar), Dune Atlantis will take you to the lively seaside village of Padang Bay. Padang Bai is divided in 4 dive sites: Blue Lagoon, Jepu, Jetty and Tanjung Sari. In Padang Bai you may find: Turtles, Moray eel, nudibranch, grouper, pipefish, triggerfish, leaf scorpion fish, hard and soft corals.

Price: 125 USD   Book Now: 112 USD!

4. Promo Amed Diving Package


promo amed diving package


Amed The dive sites of Amed are perfect for Reef dives, Muck dives, wreck dives and drift dives. Amed is an excellent place to develop your diving skills and gain a higher dive level. The advantageous sunlight is a big pro for photographers and macro-lovers will be delighted to see the famous Pigmy seahorse(Hippocampus Bargibanti) among many other sea creatures.

Price: 125 USD   Book Now: 112 USD!

5. Promo Menjangan Diving Package


promo diving menjangan package


Menjangan is classified as one of the best places to dive in South East Asia, as the dive conditions are often optimal, characterised by light current, water temperature ranging between 27 and 30⁰ C, and visibility of up to 50 metres. Several types of dives are possible along the shear walls of reef: from deep to drift, marine biology and ambiance photography.

Price: 155 USD   Book Now: 139 USD (minimum 3 people, National park Ticket excluded)

6. Promo Try Diving in Tulamben Package


promo try diving package in tulamben

Try Diving in Tulamben Do you love the ocean and have you always dreamed of diving in Bali? But, you never seemed to have the time, or the opportunity....and maybe even felt a little unsure or nervous? This day trip is made for you! 100% fun, safety and enjoyment guaranteed!

Price: 139 USD   Book Now: 125 USD


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