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Traveling to Australia: a scuba diving adventure

Stay in Australia: The best dive sites

When we talk about Australia, it comes directly to mind from its vast plateau for a winter ski trip. However, this land of excess does not stop there. Australia is also a country full of underwater wonders that is worth a visit. In this sense, moreover, it is the heart and soul of a scuba diving site. To satisfy all the desires of divers, here are some of the most essential.

SS Yongala wreck a favorite address for scuba diving

The marine fauna of Australia is distinguished by its diversity and also by its richness. Likewise, for its marine flora. Of course, one cannot be fully aware of this richness without plunging into the heart of its waters. For an optimal exploration of the diversity of the flora and fauna of the country, it is preferable to head towards SS Yongala. This dive site is located near Townsville in Queensland. This dream wreck measures 106 meters in length, with a width of 08 meters. This old steel steamer sank about 30 meters deep. It is a prime address for scuba diving, but only for experienced divers, as there is often a strong current. It is known to host the best diving spots in all of Australia. Note that this wealth is now protected.

Marine diversity around the SS Yongala wreck

One of the most must-see dive sites in Australia is without a doubt the wreck of SS Yongala. The main access for travelers is in Townsville. This attraction is 3 hours by speedboat by boat to reach the wreck. This place is open to scuba divers and snorkelers. When diving deep, you can discover a variety of fish, including giant car-sized groupers, Manta rays, eagle rays, sea snakes, many sea turtles, huge schools of barracudas , giant jacks in hunting and rare species of shark such as bulldog sharks and tiger sharks. Swimming with them is a fabulous experience that divers would like to start over several times.

Port Douglas: a destination for scuba diving

To make a perfect trip to Australia, a dive on Port Douglas is essential. This site is the closest to Ribbon Reef. You can reach the best dive spot with one or two hours by speedboat. Due to its underwater diversity, this natural beauty is classified as a marine reserve. It is also one of the best diving spots in Australia.

To continue the adventure, go to Whitsunday Island. This place is one of the most impressive dive sites. At this address, the dive begins more seriously at 5 meters deep and can even reach up to 20 meters. This makes it possible to satisfy the desires of novice divers. You can see, in season, humpback whales or Minke whales, schools of dolphins and sometimes dugongs. At this address, beginners will have the chance to discover this superb dive site.