Posted by : Atlantis Team | Friday 9th June 2017 | Training

Yang, a new Dive Master

Yáng, a new Dive Master


“She decided to become a Dive Master just after finishing Open Water Course in Koh Tao, Thailand!”

Yáng just graduated from University on Music & Art History major last year. Then, she decided to go travel for one year. She was working as a chef at kitchen for half year, then went travelling around SEA and Patagonia in South America, after that she came to Bali to join Dive Master Training.

Yáng loves every sense of diving. The sense of being underwater, not being to talk to anyone, the water makes her feel calm and releasing stress.

“I love the type of breathing, it is the same kind of feeling when doing yoga. I love the feeling that is happening to my body.”

She went diving for the first time in Koh Tao, Thailand at Open Water Course last December 2016. Just after finishing her Open Water Course with four dives log, she came to Bali for Dive Master Training.

Her instructor in Koh Tao, Thailand told that she is really good at diving and encouraged her to go further. She asked to her dive instructor in Thailand :

“I wanna spend two months but I wanna make sure the place has good food, has good quality operational standard and good dive sites”

Then her dive instructor told her :

“Go to Bali”

She thought it is perfect because she learnt “Gamelan,” (an Indonesian musical instrument) in university. She is excited because she can come to Bali and participating Gamelan musical as well.

After living in Bali for two month, she felt it is the most authentic travelling she ever had.

“I left China to US  when I was 16 years old and I went for travelling a lot but this is the first time I had a feeling like travelling for the first time again.”

Her purpose of joining Dive Master Training is not because of wanting to work as professional diver but because it is the cheapest diving package that she could get in two months straight while learning about diving and environment.

Her next plan is continuing her master degree in University and just keep on diving as part of travelling.

Her dream is making documentary about social issue as well as working at education to help young people to get more resources for their future.


Good luck Yáng!