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Bungkus: The Take Away Culture

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Table of Contents

A big part of the Balinese culture is about food. Everywhere you look you find little street food stands. If you don’t see them, just follow your nose! If you don’t feel like eating your meal at the local market,
but rather be in the comfort of your accommodation? Ask for ‘Bungkus’!
When you ask for Bungkus, you get your food wrapped in duan pisang (banana leaves) and a paper with a thin layer of plastic. Because of the banana leaf the flavors of the food stays the same, or
even get better! And it’s eco-friendly!

With Nasi Bungkus you get white rice (some places will even have yellow or brown rice to choose from) and you can pick a few side dishes, from meat, fish, tempeh/tofu and veggies. If you like it spicy,
add sambal! You get your Nasi Bungkus without cutlery, because in Indonesian culture you eat with your hands. 

A few words in Indonesian the help you when you order yourBungkus:
Bungkus: Take away 
Ayam: Chicken 
Sapi: Beef
(Tidak) Pedas: (Not) Spicy
Tidak Tas: Without bag 
Terima Kasih: Thank you!

Please remember to ask without a bag, let’s keep Bali plastic free! Personal favorite for Bungkus: Warung Dapoer Oma (Sanur)!