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Why Dive With Us?

When you start your dive with us, you are not coming to our dive center as a customer; you are a family. As one, we will take care of all your needs for diving and do everything to ensure you get the best diving experience possible. 

We are a five stars rated dive center on Tripadvisor located in Bali. Our top notch dive instructors are experienced with more than 200 total dives each ready to welcome you with a warm smile. With such a high rating from our customers, we are currently sitting as the best dive  center in Bali. Furthermore, we are also a certified PADI dive center. 

Dune Penida dive center has the best diving quality to offer in the region. Our diving instructors/guides are always ready 24/7 to show you the underwater world in Bali. We also follow a strict regulation from PADI to ensure that the equipment we use for our customers are in the best shape possible. 

Our Top Diving Spots.

Batu Bolong

Hover/ Tap to uncover Batu Bolong

Diving Batu Bolong.

Dive to Batu Bolong is always a fascinating experience, a blend of excitement and concentration. Since it’s one of Bali’s most popular dive spots!
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Hover/ Tap to uncover Amok.

Scuba Diving Amok.

In Nusa Penida, Amok is one of our best-kept secrets! Amok’s wall is advancing towards Crystal Bay. The dive site gets its name from the Amok Sunset pub, which is located just next to it.
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Padang Bai.

Hover/ Tap to uncover Padang Bai.

Scuba Diving Padang Bai

Diving at Padang Bai to get awestruck by the beauty of crystal blue water.
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Blue Corner.

Hover/ Tap to uncover Blue Corner

Scuba Diving Blue Corner

Many divers from all over the world dream of diving Blue Corner. Because it is a fantastic diving spot in Bali with a fair probability of seeing a Mola Mola.
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Hover/ Tap to uncover Toyapakeh

Scuba Diving in Toyapakeh

Toyapakeh is one of Nusa Penida’s most stunning dive sites, appropriate for all abilities with a skilled guide and highly popular with macro fans. For macro enthusiasts, diving in Toyapakeh is a fantastic experience.
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Ceningan Wall.

Hover/ Tap to uncover Ceningan Wall

Scuba Diving on Nusa Penida

It is impossible to get bored with Nusa Penida. This island contains an inexhaustible number of dive sites for drift diving and corals that are in magnificent health.
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What Our Customers Say.

Frequently Asked Questions

We, at Dune Bali, ensure to minimize the sanitarian risks applying the following measures:
– Applying strict sanitary measures by consistently cleaning all our facilities and providing hand sanitizer and other disinfectant during all our activities.

– Control the temperature of our staff and customers before all activities to reduce risks of viral transmission in our facilities.

– Ensure that all our staff follow the recommended measures by using masks, keeping social distancing, and regularly use hand sanitizer.

– Follow a very strict protocol to rinse and disinfect all diving equipment used by our
customers and staff, to minimize any risk transmission.
– Ensure social distancing by minimizing the groups of people in all activities and
respect the recommended social distancing (office, buses, boats, and restaurants).
– Optimize the safety and health during diving activities by reducing limits such as
depth, decompression time and providing Nitrox when certification is provided.
To ensure the health and minimize the sanitary risk for everyone, we kindly ask our
customers to apply the following rules:
– Follow the safety rules applied by the company during all activities.
– Use a facial mask on land during all our activities.
– Use the hand sanitizer provided during all activities and wash hands often as
– Follow the dive profile restrictions to minimize the risk of health issues.

Full Diving Gear is included in daily diving trip packages and for all the courses.

However, it is not included in mini-safaris and safaris. But you can rent it from us!

The full equipment includes a BCD (buoyancy compensator), a wetsuit, a regulator, a diving mask, adjustable fins and diving boots.

Please note that the diving computer, torch and SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) are not included in the rent (extra charge of 8 USD/day for Suunto Zoop – 7 USD/day for torch)

A discount will be applied if you already have your own full equipment.

More details here

We offer the Try Diving Package, perfectly adapted for your very first dive. 

It lasts one day, either in Tulamben (dive from the shore to visit the USAT Liberty wreck) or in Padang Bai (dive from a local boat, for minimum 2 person). It includes one 30-minute pool session and 2 dives in the ocean (30 – 40 minutes). 

More details here

All PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Dive Centres all over the world adhere to the same training standards: 


Levels of certification 


Levels of certification | Atlantis Bali Diving

We highly recommend you to complete the Dive master program in 1 or 2 months. You must be PADI Rescue Diver certified (or an equivalent) and have a minimum of 35 dives to join this program.

If you are not yet certified as Rescue Diver, you can choose our “PADI Dive Master Internship” package or our package “Zero to Pro” according to your level.

At Atlantis Dune, you can also complete this program in 2 weeks with the “Dive Master Intensive course“. To join it you must have completed a minimum of 50 dives.

At Atlantis Dune, our Instructors/guides team is international. The spoken languages are English, French, Chinese and Indonesian.


Contact us to check the availability for our French and Chinese speaking instructors.

The timetable below will show you the departures and arrivals to and from Sanur for each dive site: 


Scheduled - Atlantis Bali Diving

For each dive, the ratio Diver/Instructor are as follows:

  • Try diving: 2 divers/instructor
  • Daily Diving Trip: 4 certified divers/instructor or guide
  • OWD, AOWD, Rescue Diver Courses: 4 students/instructor 

The maximum capacity depends on our availability. Contact us and give us your dates, and we will give you a confirmation later.

At Atlantis, we dive all year round and in all types of weather conditions. In case of bad weather, your dive will be maintained. However, we will adapt to the weather conditions in order to ensure your safety.

Yes, we do offer night dives on the USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben in supplement of a Daily Diving Trip in Tulamben (2 dives) only. In total you do 2 days dive + 1 nigh dive.

Note that we need a 2-people minimum to organize a night dive.

No, you must be with at least 2 divers to organize a mini safari or safari. But if you are alone, don’t hesitate to join a group for daily diving trips!

Each package has a different price according to its type and the number of dives. You will find all our prices here.

We offer a free transfer if your hotel/villa is located 30 minutes away maximum (by car) from our dive centre in Sanur (according to Google Maps).


The FREE transfer zone includes approximately : Sanur, South of Denpasar, Seminyak, Kuta, North of Nusa Dua and the North of Jimbaran (For example, Ubud, Uluwatu, Canggu will be with surcharge).

See the table below for which meals are included per dive (course):


Meals during diving - Atlantis Bali Diving

  • For the Try Diving and the Daily Diving Trip, the accommodation is not included. However, you can contact us with questions about the different accommodation in Sanur. 
  • The accommodation is included in our Dive Safari package. You will stay in our selection of Balinese charming hotels (2/3 stars), on the island of gods. We can also book 4/5 stars hotels on request, according to the dive sites and availability, with a surcharge per night, per person. 
  • For the PADI Courses (OWD and AOWD) a hotel night is included according to the chosen option.

  • The accommodation is included in the PADI Divemaster internship package, except for the intensive package. 

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Get your questions answered, Your bookings booked, or show us some love; stop by our dive center to say hi! Experience your best diving in the island of gods now with Dune Bali!