PADI Rescue Diver Bali


Rescue Diver is one of the most fun and the most rewarding of the PADI courses. With this course you will take care of other divers and learn to anticipate and respond to typical dive problems and emergency diving situations. Your PADI Instructor will create challenging scenarios and will teach and guide you through the many ways you might have to manage each situation, based on a set of land and water skills that you will master over the duration of the course. You will learn to handle dangerous and life-threatening situations, as well as how to see and prevent problems before they arise. This course is designed to push divers out of their comfort zone and to expand their awareness as a diver. Often, this is our students favourite PADI course!


What you will learn from PADI Rescue Diver Bali:

  1. Self-rescue techniques  
  2. To recognize and manage diver stress
  3. To manage emergency situations and to use emergency medical equipment
  4. Respond to a panicked diver
  5. Respond to an unconscious diver


The PADI Rescue Diver Bali course is composed of several steps:

  1. Theory and knowledge development with a PADI Instructor (DVD to watch, PADI Manual to read, or online independent study through PADI eLearning) to understand the basic principles and procedures involved to perform a rescue
  2. Skill demonstration and practice in confined or open water of self-rescue and rescue techniques.
  3. Skill demonstrations in open water of all rescue techniques and scenarios. Prepare an Emergency Action Plan applicable to a specific dive site or location


Did you love your experience and would like to continue your diving adventure?

Continue to explore the underwater world and become a PADI Specialty Diver (1-2 days) or a PADI Master Scuba Diver (complete 5 Specialties)!


Do you dream of becoming a PADI Professional? Become a PADI Dive master and learn the ins and outs of the diving industry! If you’re looking for a career change, or for an exciting new skill-set to add to your repertoire, the PADI Divemaster course is for you!


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