TDI Intro to Tec, the way to go


The TDI Intro to Tech course introduces students to the world of technical diving. This course is designed as an introductory course to the TDI Advanced Nitrox course and the TDI Decompression Procedures Course.

The objective of this course is to familiarize students with technical equipment configurations, to enhance open water diving skills (such as buoyancy, trim, and situational awareness), and to introduce students to advanced gas planning techniques within a no-decompression context.

This course is strictly a no-decompression course; students are permitted to use enriched air nitrox (EAN) mixes, provided the gas mix is within their current level of certification.

Intro to Tech may be combined with TDI Advanced Nitrox at the discretion of the instructor.

The Intro to Tech course teaches you how to manage twin-banded cylinders. You learn to manage buoyancy control and trim with added equipment , improve your finning techniques and learn new ones. On top of that, you will find out more about dive planning and technical diving equipment, too. Essential for those looking for a way into technical diving.


Did you love your experience and would like to continue your diving adventure?

Continue to explore the underwater world and become a TDI Advanved Nitrox Diver (over 3-4 days) or a TDI Decompression Procedures Diver (over 3-4 days)!


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