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Dive With Nitrox !

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When scuba diving is your passion, time flies by and your dive is over before you even know it. Because unfortunately, breathing underwater comes with a limited time. But there are options that you can extend your time underwater and enjoy longer: Dive with Nitrox!

Nitrox or Enriched Air Nitrox is a nitrogen/oxygen gas mixture with an oxygen concentration higher than the 21% found in normal air. Most popular blend has 32% of oxygen and 68% of nitrogen, called Nitrox 32. With a higher amount of oxygen and a lower amount of nitrogen, divers can lengthen the decompression limits, shorten surface intervals and achieve a greater buffer for decompression safety. Nitrox nickname is ‘Old mans gas’, because many older users report it makes them feel fresher and less tired. 

Diving with Nitrox has a lot of profits. First of all, you can dive longer when you dive with Nitrox. This because of the lower percentage of nitrogen in the tank which is absorbed at a slower rate in your body tissue and blood vessel. With higher percentages of oxygen, no-decompression limits are longer. For example; a dive to 30 meters (100 feet) using 36% oxygen allows a bottom time of 35 minutes, compared with only 20 minutes if using air. That’s why it’s PADI’s most popular specialty course. Diving with Nitrox will also shorten your surface time in between the dive, so no more spending hours and hours waiting for the next dive. 

(Note: Diving with Nitrox is about being underwater longer, not about going deeper. If you want to do deep dives take a look at our Deep diver Specialty.)


While diving with Nitrox does sound impressive, especially for beginners, it really is just like any other piece of scuba diving equipment that you will need to understand and properly use in order to avoid any dangers and make the most out of. Therefore, you can only dive with Nitrox when you are a certified Nitrox diver. At Dune Atlantis Bali Nitrox tanks are offered for free all year long, if you are certified.

In November, we have a special promotion for everyone who is interested in getting Nitrox certified. In one day, you do two dives in Tulamben (USAT Liberty ship wreck) and you get Nitrox certified! 

Check out this special November promotion: