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Situated on the most western point of Bali, you will find Gilimanuk. The city from which ferries navigate to and from Java. Departing from the head office of Dune Atlantis, you will make a 3 to 4 hour drive through the most beautiful landscapes of Bali.

secret bay - Gilimanuk dive site | Atlantis Bali Diving

Secret Bay is the name of the dive site found in Gilimanuk; not far from the village where ferries come and go through the strait of Java.  Guarded by two tiny islands, this bay is not deep at all, with the water level rising and falling between 2 and 12 metres deep.  Neither very large, the bay measures about 2km across, and is made up of mangrove flora.  As it’s located just next to the strait of Java and strong current passes by through the strait, the mouth of the bay is like a canal that provides nutrient-rich currents, and a safe place for marine life to reproduce, making it a protected and ideal nursery to visit in bad weather. 

The marine life here is abundant and varied despite the absence of coral.  In the first few minutes the dive might not seem very interesting, as you kick out over a lot of decomposing sea grass, algae, and leaves.   However, it’s one of the few places around Bali where we can find creatures that are difficult to believe that they exist!  Diving is preferable during high tide because even then, the water will only be about 8 -10 metres deep (and sometimes more shallow depending on the moon cycle).  The seabed is composed of black sand, and sometimes silt or mud, usually making for a visibility that is not the greatest.

Secret Bay is an exceptional dive site for muck diving, and usually reserved for divers in search of a unique experience.  It will bring joy to any photographer, as well as those passionate about marine biology and macro life.  Here you might see seahorses, shrimps, frog fish, dragonets, Banzai cardinal fish, nudibranch, leaf scorpion fish, razor fish, and pipefish. 

Gilimanuk dive site | Atlantis Bali Diving