Prepare yourself as well as your equipment. Be well rested, especially if the boat departs early. It's best to avoid excessive alcohol the night before, and avoid foods you don't digest well. It's important to be well hydrated with lots of water or juices. Make sure you have your ticket, money, lunch and warm clothes, etc. All rounded up as necessary. If you've not spent much time around boats, you're going to want to learn some new terms so that when the captain says, "the head is forward, on the portside o' the galley and aft o' the wheelhouse, mate," you don't respond, "Eh?

The bow is the front of the boat, And the rear is called the stern. Going toward the bow is going forward, and aft is toward the stern. The port side of the boat is the boat's left when you stand facing the bow. The starboard side is the right.( to help you remember, port and left have the same number of letters. Think of left port).

When the win blows across the boat, the wind comes from the windward side and the side away is the leeward ( pronounced looard in many areas) side. A boat's bathroom is called the head, and the kitchen is called the gallery. The steering wheel is the helm, which is found in the bridge. The bridge is often in the wheelhouse, a cabin with all the controls that make the boat do what the captain wants (most of the time).

On charter boats, you may find areas off limits, or just off limits when you're wet. Check with the crew or captain before entering the bridge, galley or sleeping area when you're wet.

Try to arrive at least a half hour before departure. This gives you time the check with the crew, sign in and secure. You Bali scuba dive equipment, on some character boats, you'll also pick out a bund or a cabin space to stow your dry clothes and personal items.You need to think about seasickness before it happens. Seasickness is like sunburn in that it's one of those thinks that makes you absolutely miserable, but you can take precautions. So if you may be prone to seasickness, avoid it by taking seasickness medication ( as advised by your physician ) before you get underway and avoid greasy foods prior to boarding.