You exceed a no decompression limit or an adjusted no decompression limit by more than five minutes, 5 metre/15 foot stop for no less than 15 minutes is strongly urged, air supply permitting, you must remain out of the water at least 24 hours before diving again, due to the excess nitrogen in your body.

When making a emergency as close to 5 metres/15 feet as possible. If you don't have enough air for the emergency decompression stop, stay as long as you can, saving enough air to surface and exit safely. Discontinue diving for no less than 24 hours. Breathe pure oxygen if available and monitor yourself for decompression sickness symptoms.

Using a dive computer: If you exceed your computer's no decompression limits, it will go into decompression mode, which guides you through the emergency decompression top. Computers differ in how they function in decompression mode. So consult the manufacturer's literature for the specifics for your computer. Many will show emergency decompression stops at 3 metres/10 feet instead of 5 metres/15 feet: stopping at 5 metres/15 feet until the computer says you can surface will still work, though, because the computer calculates the stop based on your actual depth. It may take a bit 1 on; than the time indicated for a stop at 3 metres/10 feet.

It's not recommended that you make a repetitive after a dive requiring emergency decompression. Emergency decompression stops differ from safety stops in that an emergency decompression stop must be made or there is an excessive risk of decompression sickness, and that is an emergency procedure.