The dive medical community offers the following general recommendations for flying after diving. whether you're using the RDP. another table or a dive computer:

For Dives within the No-Decompression Limits. 

  • Single Dives - A minimum pre interval of' 12 hours is suggested.
  • Repetitive Dives and/or Multiday Dives A minimum preflight surface interval of 18 hours in suggested For Dives Requiring Decompression Stop.
  • A minimum preflight surface interval of 18 hours in suggested.

Flying after diving recommendations change over time. These are current at the time of printing. Always check with your instructor to stay apprised of the most current ones.

For Dives Requiring Decompression Stops
As with dive tables and computers, no flaying diving after diving recommendation can guarantee that decompression sickness will never occur. These guidelines represent the best estimate presently known for a conservative. safe surface interval for the vast majority of divers. There always may be an occasional diver whose physiological makeup or special dive circum tances result in decompression sickness despite following the recommendations.

You're responsible for your own dive safety and behavior. Flying after diving recommendations change as we learn more about how pressure changes affect the body: stay current and follow the most current recommendations.