To hover, first adjust for neutral buoyancy on the bottom (you'll probably use the. fin pivot). Once you're neutrally buoyant, push gently off the bottom just about a metre/a couple of feet. Then, without holding your breath. Use lung volume to maintain a stationary position in midswater. 

If you begin to rise a bit, decrease your buoyancy by breathing With your lungs somewhat less full. If you begin to sink a bit, increase your buoyancy by breathing with your lungs a little fuller. It helps to have a stationary visual reference to judge whether you're rising or sinking, so you may want to do this near a pool side' next to line, or anything else that gives you this reference. You cant fold your legs under you, stretch out, whatever work. 

As you gain experience diving, you'll subconsciously and automatically adjust your buoyancy so you remain off the bottom can stop and hover without even thinking about, it. It only takes a little practice, and you'll find hovering easy.

In Section Three, you learned about the options you have in the unlikely event you run out of air, and you've practiced your two primary options, using an alternate air source or making a controlled emergency swimming ascent. Another option you may practice (at your instructor's discretion ) is buddy breathing, which requires you and your buddy to share a single second stage.

Buddy breathing is a less desirable option than the other options because it is a more complex skill. which increases the possibility of error. By remaining close to Your buddy and making certain you and your buddy ahi-avs equip s ourselves with alternate air sources, you shouldn't ever need to buddy breathe. However, it remains a practice in a few area; so your instructor may have you learn it.

To initiate buddy breathing, swim to your buddy and signal "out of air" and "share air." Your buddy - should respond by passing you the second stage and allowing you to take two breaths. Your buddy will not let go, but will hold the second stage by the hose near the mouthpiece without covering the purge button (so you can use it if you need to).