Next, join a dive club. Your PADI Dive Center or Resort probably has one or knows of one, which is probably a local chapter of the PADI Diving Society (which you'll also want to join). Most of these organizations coordinate activities, dives, events and other dive-related fun - and You'll meet other people to dive with. Don't worry that you're new to diving - every dive group has members at all experience levels and they plan activities accordingly.

Go Places
A great way to meet people is to go on a dive trip organized by your PADI Dive Center or Resort. Plus, it takes you diving - which is what you're trying to accomplish. Although an exotic dive destination has the most appeal, don't let time and money limit your thinking. Most dive operations offer local dive adventures close to home – and you may be surprised just how much fun you can have.

Do Things
Diving isn't just about swimming around underwater sightseeing. Diving should be personal. It's about gaining the skills you need to visit new dive sites you want to see. It's about having the gear you want so that diving takes you on the adventures that you think worth while; so that it presents you with the challenges that you think deserving, and so that diving grows with you and always rewards you.

Only you can say whether this means taking on artistic challenges like underwater photography and videography, skill challenges like navigating or finding and recovering lost objects, or technical challenges like deep diving or enriched air diving. But recognize that scuba diving isn't an activity, but a door through which you reach hundreds of underwater pursuits. Find those that ignite your heart, and you'll experience that which eludes many people - a burning passion for what you do.