After Rescue Diver, your next step is PADI Divemaster. During the Divemaster course, you sharpen your dive skills to demonstration quality, develop a professional-level understanding of dive theory, learn to organize and conduct diving activities, and learn how to assist with divers in training.

After Divemaster comes the PADI Assistant Instructor course. The Assistant Instructor course begins developing the basic knowledge and skills needed to teach diving. Next, you attend a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Course (OWSI). In this instructor-training course, you learn how to teach scuba diving. After completing the OWSI course, You must pass a two-day.

Some Hard Truths About Diving
Before everything begins to sound too perfect, walk with open eyes about diving and being a diver:

You'll have dive experience you don't like. Count on it. The conditions will not be good, you won't like the boat, you'll choose a buddy you don't like, you won't like the area ,you're visiting, or you'll find you don't like the particular activity you're trying. But guess what: If' you play golf, you'll slice the ball off the course. If you ride horses, one will step on your foot. If you ski, you'll fling yourself face first into a snow bank. If you play chess, some whiz kid will checkmate you in 12 moves.

Everything worth doing has its less-than-love-it moments. Don't let a bad day of diving ruin diving for you. Learn from it and do it differently next time. Pursue what you want out of diving and progress in diving at your rate, and you'll have many, many great dive memories for each one you'd rather forget.