It's better to have your own gear. It really is. Divers who own their own equipment dive more often and dive more comfortably. They avoid the hassles of fitting into rental gear every time they go.

This isn't to say you need to drop everything and go get set up head-to-toe in gear at this moment ( but if you want to, go for it) . However, keep it in mind und begin investing as your budget and dive activity can accommodate.

You get out of diving what you put into it. You've just read about a lot of different things you can do underwater, and there are others not mentioned. if you ever find yourself bored it h diving, you need m look closely at what you want out of diving and what you're doing. If you're not satisfied, you need to turn your diving in a new direction. There are people who have made more than 1000 dives over more than 30 years - and they're still meeting new people. Going new places. Doing new things. Only you can make yourself reach for what's new and exciting in diving.