Navigation can seem pretty overwhelming when you consider that you're trying to keep up with where the rest of the world is. And that's, without mentioning how it feels to get lost and realize you just lost track of an entire planet. By learning to navigate underwater you'll minimize how often you get disoriented, and if it does happen, you'll more quickly figure out where you mislaid the whole of existence. Don't let it intimidate you there an, two kinds of divers: those who have been lost underwater, and those who won't admit it

Navigation makes your underwater adventure more fun in several ways. It lets you plan your dive so you don't waste time and air trying to find the best parts of the reef, and so you end your dive near your exit point with ample reserve air left. By knowing where you are at all times, you can head straight for the boat or shore if a problem crops up, and you know where you haven't explored yet. If there's anything in the area you want to avoid, navigation helps you do so. Compass navigation helps you swim a straight line when you're lost, you tend to swim in a circle.