In the discussion on exposure suits you learned ways to avoid overheating in your exposure suit as you get ready to dive. During your open water dives, you'll put this kno«-ledge to use. Poor timing and sequence when you kit up can cause you to become somewhat frustrated, tired, breathless and overheated.Ideally, you want to suit up so that you and your buddy finish simultaneously. This never happens, of course, but you can time it so you're both ready at about the same time while staying cool and rested, ready to enter the water.First, it helps if you checked and paeked your equipment properly before the dive. Start putting everything together, but take your time and rest as needed. In hot weather, cool otf m the water you need to. Pace yourself with your buddy, but be as self-reliant and independent as possible, so you become familiar with your equipment. As a suggestion, prepare and don your equipment like this:

Finally, just before entering the water (boat diving) or in waist deep water (shore diving) put on your fins; fins should've been preadjusted.Suiting up requires thought at first, but after one or two dives, You'll be more familiar with your equipment and it becomes second nature.