A dive computer offers both advantages and disadvantages (which is yet another reason for havin, both a computer and the RDP) :

. They're easier to use than tables because the track time and depth automatically, avoiding some human error. But you can't turn your brain off just because you turn your dive computer on.

. They give more no stop time on multilevel profile,. As you ascend. Yon take Up nitrogen more slowly and dive computers credit you for this by increasing your no decompression time. Tables must assume you spend the whole dive at the deepest depth you reach, so your allowable dive time is much shorter. The increased no stop time from a multilevel profile is substantial and the primary benefit of diving with computers. (Note: The Wheel let, you plan multilevel profiles with more dive time, making it the best table backup for your dive computer; it offers more no decompression time than any other table.)

. They track your more no-stop tine by eliminating the rounding and coarse fit that You have with a dive table.

. They track your the oretical nitrogen throughout the entire dive day (or longer). With tables, you have to calculate different allowable no stop times for each dive, which vary depending on the first dive time and depth, how long you're out of the water, and how deep the next dive will be. This isn't hard, but dive computers it automatically

. They can fail. This can happen before a dive, during a dive or after a dive.
. They will "let you do them that, aren't recommended while happily crunching and displaying the theoretical numbers. (This is why you can't turn your brain off.) While they eliminate some human errors, they create the opportunity for other.
. You gain dive time by eliminating hounding. but you give up the extra conservatism that the rounding provides.

Don't let these disadvantages dissuade you from using dive computers - their advantages are overwhelming, and today ifs more unusual to a see diver with motif one than with one. Rather he aware of these problem; in Section Five, you'll learn how to avoid them.