Specialties - DAD/Adaptive (option of AOW) - Dune Penida

Specialties – DAD/Adaptive (option of AOW)

Have you always wanted to try underwater photography or wreck diving? Then PADI Adventure Diver course is exactly what you need. Adventure dives are also an important step in your scuba diving training. You will get to try 3 different dive types of your choice: test what you like the best and become more comfortable under water, improve your diving skills and enjoy your dives more than ever.

And where else than Nusa Penida to get the most fun out of it? Nusa Penida dive sites in Bali are world class but can be quite technical due to the currents. They are therefore a great playground to improve your technique while enjoying unforgettable dives! Safely, because Dune’s instructors have a perfect knowledge of each dive site.