Discover Bali and Its Underwater Life | Atlantis Bali Diving

Discover Bali and Its Underwater Life

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Discover Bali and its underwater life | Atlantis Bali Diving

Bali is one of the numerous island of Indonesian Archipelago. This destination is made of marvellous beaches, temples and incredible landscapes. The diversity of its nature fascinates and attracts tourists for many years. In addition, the Balinese will always host you in the best conditions. But this island is also well-known for its amazing underwater world.  To enjoy it while traveling to Bali, these three dive sites are a must.


Menjangan is a small island located in the North West of Bali, in Barat National Parc. Around it you will be able to dive and snorkel in the most beautiful places of Bali. It worth it if you travel to this area. Indeed, it is well-known for its Drop Off and the diversity of its underwater life, the water is so clear and calm there that you will definitely enjoy it. The coral reefs host many marine animals such as groupers, barracudas, crustaceans and other macrofauna. Besides, it is not uncommon to encounter sharks and eagle rays, depending on the diving areas. In some sites, such as Gilimanuk or Temple Wall, nocturnal diving is preferred.


Nusa Penida is an island located in the southeast of Bali. Unlike other dive sites, the waters are rather cool in this part of the archipelago. But Nusa Penida is no less attractive than the others. It is even a dive site not to be missed during your stay in Bali. Indeed, the wall of corals and the rocky islets attract a very rich and impressive marine fauna. You can admire the spectacle of tropical fish, white-tipped sharks, mackerel, pygmy seahorses and so many others. If you are staying in Bali between August and October, you may have the opportunity to see the famous Sunfish, or Mola Mola.


Exploring the wreck “USS Liberty” is a must in your diving sessions in Bali. It is a US ship from the Second World War that ran aground on the coast of Tulamben, northeast of Bali. It is one the best dive site for beginner. Moreover you will dive in the best conditions thanks to a warm water and a good visibility. In addition, the snorkelers will also find their happiness there. Less than 30 meters deep, this freighter has become an artificial reef, where coral patches stick. A multitude of marine animals such as morays, crinoids, nudibranchs or seahorses have found refuge in the wreck. Night diving is also an amazing experience to try. The underwater show under the light of the lamps will impress you.