Earthquake Bali, 5th of August 2018 | Atlantis Bali Diving


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The earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Lombok on Sunday with a force of 7.0, could also be felt on the popular tourist island of Bali.

Is it still safe?

Yes, Lombok is a large island and all earthquakes have happened in the north of Lombok. This is also the reason that the Gili’s were hit hard.

However, unless you were planning to climb the Rijani or visit the gilli’s, the average tourist in Lombok stays 9 out of 10 times in the south of Lombok since there are the most beaches. And in the south nothing is wrong. In other words, you can still go to Lombok and have a wonderful holiday and at the same time help the people in need.

Don’t let the news fool you, the damage(in Lombok) is real and we have also seen this with our own eyes, but in the end you won’t see any of this it in the South of Lombok. What you will have is a great time and in this way you also continue to support the economy that is currently needed to help all the people in need.

Because if all tourists stay away due to the wrong information provided by the international media, this island will soon be in even greater trouble. Lombok is one of the favorite places of travelers due to the beauty of the nature and the lovely people, you will definitely not regret it.


Yes, the earthquake could also be felt on Bali. Since the South of Lombok is still safe to go to, Bali is as well. Don’t let the news fool you and stop you from having a great time in paradise!

In order to speed up the process of rebuilding everything, there are many earthquake relief and recovery funds organised by different companies and organisations. We as a company already donated 17.000.000 IDR, and now kindly ask you to help in any way possible.

We pray for those who suffered due to earthquake in Lombok.