Meet Fon From Thailand | Atlantis Bali Diving

Meet Fon From Thailand

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Table of Contents

Fon worked at a company in Bangkok as a software engineer for years before going to Bali for a Dive Master Training. She decided to become a dive master because she wants to make money while travelling and diving in her “One-Year Day Off.”

She walked around to many dive shops in Bali; from Sanur, Amed until Tulamben. Then she decided to choose Atlantis Bali because she saw the dive center has many customers and go to many different places everyday so she knew she can go diving almost everyday with Atlantis Bali.

At the place she worked, there is a group of diving, even her boss is a diver. She saw her friends went diving and she wanted to join them diving too. She went diving for the first time at Koh Tao, Thailand with her friends. Then, she went diving every holiday.

Her most amazing diving experience so far is in Bali because she can see many turtles and mantas in Bali. She likes the wreck in Tulamben because it is close to the shore and easy to enter and divers can see many nudibranchs. And Drift dive is also one of many reasons why she likes diving in Bali.

After finishing Dive Master Training, now she plan to  go to Aussie and work there as Dive Master then continue to take Instructor Development Course there.

Fon’s dream is keep travelling to find out her dream.

Good Luck Fon!