One of the most beautiful places in the Indonesian archipelago is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. The Komodo National Park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the new 7 wonders of nature. Famous for the Komodo Dragon, this unique spot offers a remarkable rich flora and fauna, both on land and underwater for snorkeling and diving. Aboard the Aurora, you will sail through the stunning land- and seascape to discover the utopic underwater world. 

In Komodo, the water temperature in the south can go down to 21-22 degrees in the summer time, while we have some pleasant 28-29 degrees in the north. You may find cosy turtles, fire urchins, periclimenes colemani shrimps, manta rays and the small and friendly white-tip reef shark.

The Aurora team will welcome you aboard our comfortable sailing yacht between 9 to 11 nights and you will enjoy one of the best cuisines in the Indonesian archipelago. You will be accompanied on board to enjoy your trip by our captain, crew and experienced guides who have good control of navigation and extensive knowledge of all the stunning places. Amazing diving and/or snorkeling trips are waiting for water lovers. For the land explorers we offer tours to the villages.


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