Tulamben Diving Day Trip: 2 dives
USAT Liberty Wreck on the North East coast of Bali

Explore Tulamben Diving and see the rich biodiversity of the seabed which attracts underwater photographers, naturalists, macro-life lovers, and divers who are passionate about marine biology. This tiny village is known world-wide amongst divers as the location of the famous USAT Liberty Wreck. The sea is calm and conditions are favorable for beginners who wish to participate in a Try Diving experience.

From the Dune Atlantis International Bali office in Sanur (Denpasar), we make the two hour and 20-minute journey to the expansive bay of Tulamben on the North East coast of Bali. The road follows the coastline until turning towards the interior of the island, penetrating through traditional villages and rice fields, with the silhouette of Bali’s tallest volcano, Agung, in the background. We assure you that you will enjoy scuba diving in Tulamben, Bali.


The Tulamben Diving Sites : 

  1. USAT Liberty Wreck
  2. Drop Off (Tulamben Wall)
  3. Coral Garden
  4. BatuKelebit
  5. Seraya Secret
  6. Kubu


Day Trip Tulamben Bali Diving Description :

  1. Pick-up from hotel by the Dune Atlantis International Bali bus
  2. Depart Sanur around 8:00am
  3. Arrive in Tulamben around 10:30am
  4. 1 pool session (for Try Diving experience)
  5. 1st dive (morning)
  6. Lunch included at the restaurant
  7. 2nd dive (afternoon)
  8. Return to Sanur around 6:00 or 6:30pm
  9. Drop off to hotel by the Dune Atlantis International Bali bus


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