SOME TIPS FOR YOUR OPEN WATER - Full Pack Scuba Diving Bali | Best Dive Center Bali


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Table of Contents

Going through your Open Water is the first step to explore the ocean. Millions of divers have been there before so there is no reason to stress. Here are some tips to help you enjoying this wonderful experience.  

First, you need to choose a dive center you are comfortable with. Choose a PADI certified center so that security conditions are fulfilled and standards are met.

Second, take your certification in a language with which you are comfortable. If you are not fluent in English, take classes in French to fully understand all the information given.

Once your center is chosen, let’s start the training. Choose the one that suits you based on your preferred learning method (e-learning to learn at your own rhythm or classroom lessons with an instructor) and your available time. You will take a short exam to validate your understanding of the theory. No stress, you will be perfectly prepared thanks to the knowledge reviews.

Time to go in the water

It will then be time to take your first dive in the pool in order to apply the theory learned just before. Follow the explanations of your instructor carefully and do not hesitate to ask him all the questions and share your concerns if you have any. He will be happy to answer : every questions are welcome so don’t be shy. If you have any problems, let him know. For example, if you have ear pain or you don’t understand an exercise.

Once the exercises in the pool have been completed, it is time to take the plunge and dive for the first time in open water, in the ocean. It is an unforgettable experience during which you will meet species never seen before and new sensations. To carry out this experience without apprehension, listen carefully to the advice of your diving instructor and always stay close to him.

Finally, our last advice is to make the most of these precious minutes spent underwater, it’s and experience that you will never forget !

If you enjoyed your Open Water and want to learn more about diving, do not hesitate to take your Advance Open Water.