Tulamben, a must see? | Exlore the USAT Liberty | Atlantis Bali Diving


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If you are passionate about diving, you must have heard about the famous wreck of the USAT Liberty. This wreck from the Second World War is worldwide known, attracting divers from all over the world every day. Tulamben is a fishing village located northeast of Bali. From its beautiful volcanic black sand beaches you can see the still active Agung volcano. Tulamben is full of different dive sites: every diver, beginner as well as experienced, will find his happiness there. 

Where to do a wreck dive?

The most popular site is of course the wreck of the USAT Liberty, a must see. It is located 25 meters from the shore: you can reach it from the beach. This gigantic cargo ship is 120 meters long and lies between 5 and 30 meters deep. Try diving can be done there because of the ideal diving conditions: no current, water between 26 and 30 degrees… Night dives are also unforgettable, as the parrot fish go to sleep inside the wreck. 

To reach the wreck, you will pass along a magnificent coral garden with many fishes including surgeonfish, damselfish, butterfly fish and many others. 

But Tulamben has other attractions besides the wreck. A vertiginous drop off from 3 to 70 meters deep was formed by the lava from the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. Gigantic gorgonians, sponges and colorful corals took possession of it. 

Batu kelebit is also another interesting site. It is accessible by jukung (traditional swinging boat). Unlike other black sand sites, this one has white sand and beautiful corals. We can see many pelagic species, from barracudas to tunas and black tip sharks. 

For muck dive enthusiasts, head to Seraya Secret. Photographers will be delighted by this macro dive during which you can observe rare species such as harlequin shrimps. 

Finally, another wreck much less touristic is the one of Boga in Kubu. It was deliberately sunk to form an artificial reef with a large biodiversity.

What are you waiting for coming and diving around the wreck or on the famous drop off?