Blog | Nusa Penida, an incredible island off the coast of Bali


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Table of Contents

This island located in the south-east of Bali is accessible in 40-45 minutes by boat and is particularly famous for its seabed and especially the famous Manta point where you can admire the sumptuous Manta rays, but not only!

Indeed, this island abounds in many other treasures which requires 3 days on the spot to discover them all. Among them, there are the must-see attractions such as Kelingking Beach, the island’s most popular cliff where you can admire the turquoise-blue waters along the island from the top, all surrounded by lush vegetation. It is even possible to go down to the beach at the foot of the cliff by taking a small but impressive path. Other places will offer you magnificent landscapes such as Crystal Bay, perfect to admire a sunset or Diamond Beach which remains one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Beyond these places which make the reputation of the island, Nusa Penida hides other treasures such as Teletubbies Hill where a multitude of hills makes an exceptional panorama, Suwehan Beach not far from Teletubbies Hill where you can have the chance to observe turtles on a sumptuous beach, but also Seganing Waterfall giving you a chance to swim in a freshwater pool facing the sea, or even the secret temple of Pura Goa Giri Putri.

For the marine life lovers, there are also many amazing spots to explore around the island! Manta rays are there all year round but you will also get a chance to admire various species of tropical fish and corals. And last but not least, during the season (from end June to November) you may even get a chance to admire the famous Mola Mola!

Nusa Penida is a gem to explore on land and underwater!

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