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Protecting Living Coral Reef

Corals are threatened

Did you know that corals are animals? You can find them in every ocean all over the world. However, they are threatened and only 46% of corals are considered as healthy. Most of them are endangered and some are slowly dying due to several reasons: destructive fishing practices, tourism, pollution, disease, invasive species… Some of them are turning white, especially because the warming of water temperature. 

Corals host more than 2 million different species of marine life, living inside and around them. They are a big part of the ecosystem: they protect against the waves, erosion and floods. They are also used to make medicines against diseases such as HIV and some cancers. Consequently, it is necessary to protect them.

Coral transplantation

Coral transplantation is restoring corals by different techniques. You can visit coral gardens to learn more about their preservation. In Bali, there are diverse coral transplantation sites like for instance, Candidasa, Sanur and Amed. You can learn about coral biology and coral reef ecology. You can visit a farm, learn more about the utilization of the equipment and then plant corals. You can observe the different growth stages of the corals and see the results.

If you go diving or snorkelling, you may consider using a reef-friendly sunscreen like this one for example :

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