Mounting evidence in recent years points to administering emergency oxygen as one of the single most important first aid steps for a Scuba diver suspected of suffering from decompression sickness, lung overexpansion injury or near drowning. Medical case histories show repeatedly that prompt oxygen first aid can make a dramatic difference in the patient's immediate condition and in the effectiveness of subsequent treatment. You'll learn more about these conditions and oxygen administration later; for now let's look at emergency oxygen equipment suitable for use by Rescue Scuba Divers.

Emergency oxygen equipment falls into three primary categories: non resuscitator demand valve units, continuous flow units, and positive pressure Resuscitator units. Rescue Scuba Divers may use the first two; the letter requires special paramedic level training because it can injure a patient if used improperly.

Non resuscitator demand valve units and continuous flow units adequately meet the needs of a Bali Scuba dive emergency