Physical stress can also be more subtle, such as a mask that leaks continuously or discomfort due to a sinus squeeze. Annoyances like these distract a Scuba diver, sometimes causing him to overlook or neglect something important, thereby leading to a more serious problem.

There's no way to eliminate many of the potential physical stress causes in a Bali Scuba dive environment: cold, the walk to the beach, a rolling boat, a long surface swim to the Bali Scuba dive site. Preventing stress therefore lies with the  Scuba diver, who, for example, wears proper exposure protection, maintains physical fitness, takes anti seasickness medications (if necessary), or makes a long surface swim at a relaxed pace, respectively. If conditions exist beyond the Scuba diver's physical ability to cope, the Scuba diver should cancel the Bali Scuba dive. However, as a PADI Rescue Scuba Diver, realize that  Scuba divers - including you - may not perceive that they're pushing or exceeding their physical limits until excessive stress has already begun. The primary danger with physical stress, therefore, is failing to recognize its effects.