Although no resuscitator demand valve oxygen equipment shares characteristic with scuba equipment, it has handling considerations that differ from your Bali Scuba dive gear. This is because pure oxygen can make normally nonflammable material combustible or event explosive. With proper handling, oxygen systems are perfect safe to have around; just keep these points in minds:Keep your unit clean, in the box, particularly avoiding contact with grease, oils or even silicone grease. Never attempt to lubricate oxygen equipment or use standard scuba part in it. Pure oxygen requires that only special lubricants and materials come in contact.

Always open valve on oxygen equipment slowly, so as to pressurize the unit slowly. Rapid pressurization creates heat, which can spark a fire if any flammable material have contaminated the equipment.Keep your unit assembled to minimize the possibility of contaminants getting into it. Wash your hands if possible before handling your equipment; in an emergency, at least try to wipe off any oils or grease (including suntan lotions and oils).

Never attempt to clean the equipments yourself. Oxygen servicing requires special cleaners and procedures. Id your equipment gets wet or contaminated in any way, it needs professional servicing by someone specifically trained to work on medical oxygen system.Always extinguish any source of flame (such as cigarettes) before deploying oxygen. Use the equipment as far away possible from engine, gasoline or anything combustible, preferably in a ventilated area