Logically speaking, few if any Scuba divers would rather have an accident than lose face or be embarrassed among their peers. yet on an emotional level, peer pressure can be powerful, sometimes leading people to do things that they otherwise wouldnt among Scuba divers, this can lead to accident. as a rescue Scuba diver, you can help prevent this by setting a good example. If you dont feel comfortable making a Bali Scuba dive. This shows others that theres no shame in being a smart, careful Scuba diver. 

Some Bali Scuba dive communities, especially cave Scuba divers, apply the following guideline: any  Scuba diver can end any Bali Scuba dive at any time for any reason with no explanation. When you accept this, peer pressure goes the other way-it pressures Scuba divers to speak up when they don’t feel good about a  Bali Scuba dive. Adopting this guideline turns peer pressure into a positive force that help Scuba diver safety.

Finally, an easy way to cancel or abort a Bali Scuba dive without embarrassment is to signal or say I cant equalizer after all, who but the Scuba diver really knows?