As mentioned, the most basic Rescue Scuba Diver skill is preventing problems before they occur. You can prevent problems by having your equipment maintained regularly and by inspecting it carefully before. each Bali Scuba dive, correcting anything out of adjustment, worn or functioning poorly before the Bali Scuba dive. You also prevent problems by thinking ahead and anticipating potential problems. For example, if you'll be swimming against a mild current, you may realize that you'll use air faster than usual. To prevent problems, you plan to stay close to shore, check your air often and head for the exit with a larger air reserve than usual.

Prevention also means recognizing problems like overexertion, hypothermia, vertigo, etc., soon enough to head them off. For example, if you were swimming hard against surge, you may find yourself breathing hard and becoming overexerted. By stopping immediately and resting, you prevent the problem from growing into a serious situation that might require your buddy to assist you.