Self reliance and self rescue begin by preparing yourself physicall and mentally, and by preparing your equipment. 

Your physical preparation includes keeping yourself in good fitness and health for Bali Scuba diving, including a proper diet, appro­priate exercise and maintaining your Bali Scuba dive skills. Mental prepara­tion includes being confident about and feeling well about each Bali Scuba dive you make. You do this by having the skills and experience necessary for the Bali Scuba dive, and not exceeding your limits.

You prepare your equipment by becoming familiar with it, so you can inspect it for potential problems and so you can maintain it properly. Equipment preparation includes regular servicing, proper adjust­ment, and Bali Scuba diving properly weighted (over weighting is a common con­tributor to Scuba diver problems). Equip­ment preparation also means that you're familiar with your buddy's equipment, including weight release and alternate air source type and location and having signaling devices such as safety sausages and whistle with you on ever Bali Scuba dive. You can learn more about Bali Scuba dive equip­ment types, function, maintenance and adjustment by completing the PADI Equipment specialist course