Although minor problems arise on virtually every Bali Scuba dive, they don't usually lead to significant Scuba diver stress, anxiety or panic. This is because Scuba divers, through their training and experience, know how to handle the vast majority of problems they face. When faced with a problem, Scuba divers normally apply solution thinking and solve the problem based on their training and experience. This follows the desired path shown in the Stress Management Chart. When a Scuba diver goes down the other path, your goal is to break the cycle of instinctive reactions, stress, stress responses and anxiety, and replace it with the Scuba diver stopping, breathing, thinking and acting.

The preferred place to manage stress is on the boat or shore, before the Bali Scuba dive. If; based on observations and tactful questions you uncover undue stress, encourage the Scuba diver to apply analytical, solution thinking. Talk gently to the Scuba diver, avoiding sound­ing judgmental and avoiding strong opinions. It's often effective to ask (not tell) the Scuba diver about the situation with questions that uncover concerns and lead to solutions