In the PADI MFA program. you learn to begin any first aid/CPR by telling the patient, "I'm trained in emergency procedures. I can help you." even if he's unconscious. There are several reasons why this helps:

It reassures a responsive patient. The statement was developed by therapists who design constructive soothing statements. The statement assures the patient that you know what to do, and that you intend to help. This gets him to relax and cooperate in your efforts to help. Experience shows that apparently unconscious patients can sometimes hear, so the statement may reassure someone who seems otherwise unable to hear you

The statement alerts by standers that youre qualified and prepared to help. Usually, those who dont know what to to will take your lead, so that you can more effectively manage the situations.The statement helps responding emergency personnel recognize that your emergency care follow the same protocols they use.

The statement triggers your memory, helping you do what do you were trained during MFA. After actual emergencies, MFA trained rescuers frequently comment, I gave the emergency procedure statement and everything came back to me. I knew what to do without even thingking.There are several variations of statement, all of which serve the same purpose: to reassure the patient and help you gain the control of the situation until professional help arrive