Next, adjust the mask strap for a comfortable fit across the crown of your head. The strap should be snug, but not tight, and make sure to close the locking device (they differ a bit from one mask to another) so it doesn't slip.Three general maintenance pro-cedures apply to caring for all Bali scuba dive equipment, including masks: 

  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each use (even in a swimming pool)
  • keep out of' direct sunlight
  • store in a cool, dry place

The freshwater rinse removes salt, chlorine and/or minerals that contribute to corrosion and deteriora-tion. Rinse thoroughly as soon as possible after a Bali scuba diving if you can't rinse your gear right away, it's gen-erally better to keep it wet than to let salt water dry on it because it's much harder to remove salt after it dries.Sunlight damages silicone (and especially neo-prene), so avoid leaving your equipment in direct sunlight.

If it has to stay out in direct sunlight at a Bali scuba dive site or on a boat, you can throw a beach towel over it. Dry your equipment thoroughly before storing it in a cool, dry place away from hydrocarbons and ozone.Keep masks and other Bali scuba dive equipment made from silicone out of contact with neoprene. The neoprene leaches into the silicone and discolors it, which doesn't harm it functionally, but makes it look less attractive.