Materials Most modern fins use a composite construction, with foot pockets and heel straps made from neoprene rubber (or a similar mater-ial), and the blade made from an appropriate plastic. However, non composite, all-neoprene fins remain popular even as neoprene fades from use in other dive equip-ment. Neoprene fins last a long time and have per-formance characteristics many divers prefer. Divers who prefer composite fins like the fact they're lighter in weight, may have greater propulsion efficiency and you can buy them in a variety of colors to match your mask and snorkel. Composite fins may affect your buoyancy compared to all neoprene fins because they're lighter.

You buv vour fins based on your size, your physical ability and where you plan to dive. If you're looking at adjustable heel fins, you'll want to have your wet suit boots for a proper fit. With the boots on, put your foot in the pocket. The pocket should come to the point where your ankle meets your foot - if it won't come up that high, you need a larger size. Full foot fins should fit comfort-ably without binding, yet not feel loose. It helps to wet your bare feet when trying on full foot fins. 

For a given fin size, the larger and stiffer the blade, the more strength you need to use it.In looking at fins that accommodate your size, physical ability and where you intend to use them, your primary concerns are (you guessed it) fit and com-fort. If you're not sure what model to select, have your PADI Instructor, Dive Center or Resort help you.

Preparation 1 Full-foot fins generally require no preparation, but you need to adjust adjustable-strap fins for a snug, comfortable fit. Do this with your wet-suit boots on. ofcourse. You may find new fin straps coated with a slick preservative. Wipe this off, otherwise your straps will tend to slip out of adjustment.

MAintenance As with your inask and snorkel, rinse your fins in fresh water after use, store them in a cool, dry place and keep them out of direct sunlight. Inspect fin straps regularly - they tend to wear out faster than straps on other dive gear.