PADI is the Professional Association of Bali scuba Diving instructors, the world's largest scuba diver training organititaon. PADI establishes training programs, materials ad standards, monitors their quality, certifies instructors, and provides support services for PADI frofessional members. 

The professionalism of PADI instructors, Bali scuba Dive Centers and Resorts has made certifications the world's most respected and saught-after Bali scuba dive credentials. You can be confident that your certification will le recognized virtually any place you go Bali scuba diving, and that PADhs reputation stands behind it.

The PADI Open Water scuba Diver course consists of three segments: Confined water Bali scuba dive knowledge develop-ment, and open water Bali scuba dive.Each plays an important role in learning to Bali scuba dive and in meeting the perfor-mance objectives vou nced to qualify as a scuba diver.The fun begins in the confined water Bali scuba dives, during which you apply Bali scuba dive principles, and learn and prac-tice Bali scuba dive procedure` and skills. You'll do this in either a swimming pool.

or a body of water with pool-like conditions, under vour instructor's guidance and supervision. There are five confined water Bali scuba dives that correspond with five knowledge development sections (three of each for Scuba Diver).