Knowledge development establishes the principles and basic information all scuba divers need to have fun Bali scuba diving safely. It's divided into five segments that you'll complete primarily on your own time at your convenience using this manual and the PADI Open Water Diuer Video. (In some instances you may view or review the video in a classroom setting.)

For each seg-ment, your instructor reviews and elaborates on the material, applying what you're learning to your specific needs, interests and the local Bali scuba dive environment. A short quiz confirms that you've picked up the information you need from that section

The open water Bali scuba dives complete your training as an entry level scuba diver by applying and further developing your knowledge and Bali scuba dive skills in a Bali scuba dive environment under your instructor's supervision and guidance. You'll make at least four Bali scuba dives, and perhaps an optional skin Bali scuba dive, during this part of the Open Water scuba Diver course. Prior, to certification, you'll meet specific learning ob,jectives that you'll read about in this man-ual, and that Your instructor will discuss with You'll be learning in a sequence that establishes skills and knowledge from the simple to the complex, with later skills and knowledge building on what you learn first.

For this reason, it's important to successfully complete each section before moving on to the next. For example. You need to successfully complete Knowledge Development Section Two before you complete Knowledge Development Section Three, and you must successfully complete Confined Water Bali scuba Dive 2 before you begin Confined Water Bali scuba Dive 3.