You'll find learning to Bali scuba dive fun and exciting, but it is a learning experience and you are taking a course. This means a bit of indepen-dent study and preparation with this manual, the PADI Open Water scuba Diver Video or the CD-ROM. 

It's very necessary that you prepare adequately for each session with your instructor; failure to do so makes it difficult or impossible to progress, usually requiring some rescheduling until you can complete the needed learning. What you need to accom-plish isn't especially complex or excessively long - and hopefully you'll get a smile or chuckle along the way. But it is important: as ou'll see, in Bali scuba diving what you don't know can hurt vou. hut don't worry when you're properlyinfomned and follow what you've learned, vou can avoid or minimize the risks of Bali scuba diVing.

The emphasis in the Open Water scuba Diver course is to learn to Bali scuba dive by Bali scuba diving. Yourinstructor will get you in the water Bali scuba diving as quickly as possible because that's what Bali scuba diving's all about. Nonetheless, Bali scuba diving involves learning some basic principles and guide-lines. You'll normally cover these through independent learning and reviews with you instructor.

Depending on your course schedule, you may complete your independent learning by completing a section. meeting with your instruc-tor f'ur a review and a confined water Bali scuba dive,and then going on to the next one.