Alternativelv. You may complete independent learnina for all sections prior to your first meetin with your instructor. Either way, use the following steps to prepare:Begin by skimming the headings in section One of this manual. This quick scan learning by giving you a basic idea of what a vou'll be studying. You'll also notice that manual isn't simply a text, but an interactive tool that guides and confirms your rning with objectives, quick quizzes and knowledge reviews. More about these shortly.Next, read Section One and watch thecorresponding first section of the PADI Open water scuba Diver Video. It really doesn't matter lich you do first, so take your choice. People differ in how they learn, so whichever way you like best is probably best for you.

At the beginning of each subsection in section One, notice the study objectives, each stated as a question. To succeed in this course, you need to be able to answer all of nese questions. So as you read, guide your learning by looking for the answers. When you find the answers, highlight or underlinethem.It's important that you actually high light/underline in the manual to do this not just mentally note it - because the iction of stopping and writing reinforces our learning.

Following each subsection you'll find a Quick Quiz, which checks and reinforces what you've read. Again (important!) actually writing in the book. answer each question, then check the answers supplied at the bottom of the quiz. If you missed any and don't understand why, flip back to that section and review it until you do.At the end of Section One, you'll find a Knowledge Review. Fill it out to turn in to-our instructor when you meet for that sec tion's review and elaboration session

If there's a question you can't answer, review that por-tion of Section One until you can. If there's -something you don't understand even after rereading, you may understand it better after watching the video (if you haven't already) or by reviewing the video (if you have). If you still don't get it. ask your instructor to explain the material until you're both satisified that you do