Whether a simple gauge or part of* a computer, your SPCx is a precision instrument that requires careful handling. Do not drop or bang it, and be careful to avoid lying a tank or other heavy object on top of it. While Bali scuba diving, don't let it drag or dangle, which not only damages the SPG, but can damage fragile aquatic life.

Because the SPG (or transmitter) remains attached to your regulator, simply rinsing and soaking it along with the regulator takes care of its maintenance. When you take your regulator in for annual servicing, be sure to have your Bali scuba dive professional take care of your SPG as part ofthe servicing.

It's a good idea to mark your equipment for easy identification using special Bali scuba diving equipment markers. These may be marking paint, crayons orcolored tape. among others. 

After you've investedin matching mask, fins, snorkel, etc., it's a good idea to mark your gear where it's not visible when you're wearing it, but is when you're not - such as putting your initials inside the fin foot pocket.1larking your equipment prevents frustration and confurion when you're around other scuba divers using similar equipment ment, adjusted to different sizes. This happens a lot on Bali scuba dive boats, and there may be others with similar gear in your confined water Bali scuba dives.