Before you can use scuba equipment, you have to put your tank ,rgulator and BCD together. Your instructor may have your gear already set up for this first confined water Bali scuba dive.

Or may,uide you in putting it together. Between now and when you finish the course, you'll have put it together and taken apart until it's second nature.If you bought a brand new BCD, nylon tank band. You do this because new nylon stretches when wet; if you attach the band dry, it may. Loosen when you get in the water. Now:Slide the BCD onto the standing tank from the top.

Turn the tank so the valve opening faces toward the BCD,where your head will be. For most BCDs, you want of the hard plate in the jacket (if it has one) or the collar to be about even with the base of the tank valve. Your instructor can help you with this, and you may go higher or lower to suit your preference after using your gear a bit.

Secure the tank band by tightening it as far as you can by hand, then swinging over the locking mechanism. It sould take a bit of strength. Locking mechanisms vary, so e your instructor show you how yours works if it's not advious (it often isn't). Some BCDs use two tank bands; tighnten and secure both.

Now check that it's secure. See if the band slides up and down on the tank. If not, you can lift the tank off theground slightly holding the top of the BCD backpack, and give it a little shake. If the BCD doesn't shake or slide onthe cylinder, good job. If it moves, you're too loose. Readjust the band for a tighter fit.